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NinjaPoster is the only software that works for posting to Facebook groups. 

NinjaPoster is ready to...

Save you time & Money by posting to Facebook groups for you one by one!

Just show NinjaPoster your targets

Just select groups you want to post to (you can also create categories of groups) and NinjaPoster will start posting each group, organically!

How It Works?

Fetch Groups


Click Fetch Groups button and NinjaPoster automatically fetches all your groups list into the dashboard.

Schedule a post



You can create categories of groups or select individual groups and schedule a post.

NinjaPoster starts posting


NinjaPoster starts organically posting for you on autopilot. 

New* Post from RSS feed to groups

With the new RSS feed integration feature, now you can post new posts on your website to your desired groups automatically any time the new post has been posted on your website. 

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You can easily pay $100+ for this every month, right? But you don’t have to pay that much for NinjaPoster.

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NinjaPoster Pro



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Ninja works for you in silence, posting to each groups one by one.

NinjaPoster helps you post to groups one by one organically so you can save time while getting more done. 

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